The Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

The significance of assignments has always remained to be a contentious issue. The students and parents find themselves on opposing sides. Schools have different policies that determine how much time students spend on schoolwork. The teachers have not been left behind on this matter. They caught between the choice to either grade homework or not. There is also the question of whether parents need to help students with school work. 

Homework has its advantages and disadvantages. Some will argue that assignments are more harmful than they are helpful. Others will completely disagree with this line of thinking. Below we will explore the two points of view. Is schoolwork useful or destructive?

The Benefits of Homework

There are several advantages to homework. It is a form of practice. For a student to gain expertise in a particular subject, they need constant practice. Schoolwork gives learners the chance to review class materials that instructors have covered. 

Teachers use assignments to gauge whether the students have understood a specific concept. If students can apply the concepts, then tutors can conclude that their teaching techniques are effective. Assignments are a means of emphasizing what you have learned in class.

Assignments aid students to develop independence and confidence in their abilities. At the start, assignments may not be undemanding. But with the time you get used to it, and it becomes easier. That means, for parents, it is a perfect way to gauge your child’s progress.

The Drawbacks of Homework

Like any other thing, homework has its shortcomings. It has been a constant cause of conflicts. Whether at school or at home. At home, sometimes parents have to force their children to do their assignments. In school, teachers will punish students who have not completed their work.

The time children may spend playing or socializing they spend doing schoolwork. Students end up discouraged and fatigued. They slowly lose interest in education. That is because they have no time to follow other passions.

According to Alfie Kohn, assignments turn-off a child’s curiosity. He argues that no study has established the benefits of homework. Kohn believes assignments are pointless and do not encourage good work ethics or strength of mind.

Wallace, however, feels a steady increase in homework quantity will prepare children for the future. It will improve skills such as individual accountability and time management.

Parents and Assignments

Parents should be alert to notice when homework overwhelms their child. They can compare the school policies with the quantity of work the child has. If something is not okay, do not hesitate to point it out. It is to your child’s advantage that you do so.

Sometimes the tasks may not look reasonable. It is crucial that parents emphasis on the quality rather than the quantity of homework. Children should do things that will help them.

Children need their parents’ support more than anything. That does not mean that parents should do the work. Students must have the capability to do most of their assignments independently. Still, at times they will need help from their parents. If you are having trouble with a subject, ask the teacher for help.


The excellence of the assignments is key to the success of a student. Both parents and teachers need to work together to make sure the child thrives. Homework must not be a burden for students.