Studying is an essential part of school life. It is impossible to be a successful student without spending time on your books. However, your study time should be more about the quality and quantity of work covered than the quantity of time spent.

This article explores various ways you can be most productive in studying, school and as a student.

How to be productive as a student

To get more done in little time, effective study techniques must be used. Below are some productivity tips for students.

  1. Eat right and eat well

Before you begin studying, you must eat something that can fill your stomach. This will help you to sit for long hours. However, you should not eat food that is too heavy. You might end up battling with sleep all through your study time.

  1. Get rid of distractions

Having your phone beeping beside you while studying is not a good idea. Turning your data off and switching off your phone throughout the study is better. If your phone must be on, then it should be on silent.

If you need the internet for your research, using a laptop instead of your phone will be less distracting. If you do not have a laptop, limit the sites that can open while you are studying. You can also turn off notifications from all social media networks to avoid distractions while studying.

  1. Have a plan

Before you start studying, it is better to plan what you want to do. Having a plan will help you remain focused throughout your study. You know what you must do and your time; stick to that plan.

How to be productive in studying

A study is only productive if you can recollect all you have read. If, after many hours of studying, you cannot retain, you have only done quantitative and not qualitative study. There are some effective study habits students need to develop to be productive in studying

  1. Finish before moving

It is not a good idea to leave a task half done. You will find it hard to come back to it later. While you still have the inspiration to do that task, finish it before you go to another one. This will enhance study productivity.

  1. Take a break

You cannot stretch yourself beyond the boundaries nature has created. Give yourself a break, preferably at two-hour intervals. It could be a 5-minute break to refresh your mind. If you continue to work when stressed out, you will not be productive.

  1. Group your work

There is probably some set of tasks that you can accomplish within the same period. Don’t spread this kind of task out; instead, do them simultaneously. This will save you time and maximize productivity.

How to be productive in school

Many students get frustrated out of school because they feel they are not achieving much. This doesn’t have to be the case. With the right techniques, you can be productive in school. Try out the following:

  • Avoid crash work

One thing you should avoid as a student if you want to be productive is to wait until the last minute. For any task you are given, start early. Doing this lets you complete your work faster and more accurately than others. You will also be able to see errors and get new ideas in time.

  • Have a study group

School life is not meant to be lived alone. You need a group with which you can study to get the best from your studies. Don’t be a hermit; mingle with others. A study group will help you get ideas you might not think of on your own. Others could also help you where you get stuck.


A productive study leaves you fulfilled and satisfied. You know that your time studying has been worthwhile and not wasted. Study time can be interesting and rewarding if you do it correctly. You get the fun and the knowledge at the same time. Explore these effective study techniques we have provided to help you get the most out of your study time.