Chemistry is the study of energy ad matter and all the interactions between the two. If you were not aware, this is the definition for physics too. Both physics and chemistry are specializations of physical science. Chemistry focuses more on the properties of substances and the interactions we get between different types of matter. The particular reactions in focus here are the reactions that involve the electrons. On the other hand, physics focuses more on the subatomic realm and the nuclear part of atoms. All in all, this makes chemistry and physics to be two sides of the same coin.

When you get a question on your tests asking for the definition of chemistry, use the formal definition. You can also test yourself using quizzes on basic concepts of chemistry.

Why You Should Study Chemistry

When you understand chemistry, you will have a perfect understanding of the world around you. Did you know cooking is chemistry? All the things we smell, taste, or touch is a chemical. You will get to see a bit of how things work. When you know more about chemistry, you will be making educated choices regarding the products you use regularly. With this in mind, you will understand why laundry detergents work best in hot than cold water. You will also get to learn how baking soda works. In chemistry, you also know why not all the pain killers work the same on headaches. We can conclude that chemistry is not secret knowledge. It may be useless to any other human being but a scientist.

Fields of Study Using Chemistry

Despite chemistry being common in medicine and sciences, we can use it in many fields. Engineers, physicists, chemists, and biologists study chemistry. As for the nurses, doctors, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, and physical therapists, take chemistry courses. The list of people doing chemistry is very extensive. Science teachers worldwide study chemistry. The firefighters and the makers of fireworks learn their craft in chemistry.

The Role of Chemists

We can say that they do whatever they want. You will find some chemists working in a lab, research environment, testing hypotheses, and asking questions with different experiments. On the other hand, others may work on computers, develop models or theories, or predict reactions. You will find other chemists doing fieldwork. As for others, their primary work is contributing advice on chemistry for various projects. The career options in this sector are extensive. Others may decide to write while others teach.

Where to Get Assistance With Chemistry Homework

In our world today, there are a lot of sources that will offer assignment assistance. To start, you can try the Science Fair Index. You can visit a local library to get the help you need. Finally, you can use a search engine like Google to search for the topic you find interest in.

Where To Find Out More about Chemistry

First, you can visit websites that offer lessons on chemistry. If that is not enough for you, visit local libraries. You can go to the extent of asking people about the involvement of chemistry in their jobs. Take advantage of your friends, parents and teacher by sharing ideas. Everyone around us knows something we do not know.