Homework and study strategies just as learning have no such thing as comprehensiveness. The purpose of homework ranges from instilling responsibility, instilling skills of time management, and capability in finishing tasks. However, the primary role of assignments is reinforcing the concepts teachers impart during class time in schools.

Homework Types

According to the education department of the United States, homework has four types that include practice, extension, integration, and preparatory. Every kind of homework has separate strategies unique for and in tackling them.

  • Practice Homework

It is one of the common homework types available to students in most learning institutions. It intends to enhance classroom learning by helping students master particular skills. The key strategy for this homework type is in practice for you to achieve some success. Comprehend necessary skills that underpin complex skills, learn from the mistakes you commit in the assignments, and regard homework as a necessity and not an optional task.

  • Preparatory Homework

It is a type of homework that introduces fresh ideas and concepts that should get covered in class in the immediate future. Examples include textbook chapter reading before formal discussion in class or learning vocabulary. Note down key ideas in the passages you read and discuss them in class. Also, note down question which arises from finishing the assignment before asking them in the subsequent class. If it’s a math problem that you don’t know how to solve, circle the problem and make comments on why it confuses you.

  • Extension Homework

They are often assigned by teachers when getting interested in challenging learners on the application of concepts learned to new things. Strategies involve students getting resourceful by searching through textbooks and notes for problem-solving strategies or extra information which can prove useful in completing the assignment. Students also have to have diverse perspectives concerning the various concepts to assist in different mental processing engagement.

Students can transfer approaches to solving problems in fresh and alien material. Such a move can help them in identifying critical information and tools that can solve problems.

  • Integration Homework

It is a type of homework that needs learners to apply diverse skills on a specific task such as book reports or huge projects. The key strategies involve getting organized and tracking every information and research. Students also need to comprehensively and effectively plan by also setting milestones for each multi-step task.

For effective homework time management, endeavor to establish a spot where you can get into a perfect homework routine. Designate a specific time whether its immediately after school or after dinner, then stick to the schedule, especially if it works for you. It would help if you also committed to getting organized with every vital supply in completing the homework. Further, creating a plan is critical in ensuring every assignment gets done. Finally, ensure you get as little help as possible or pay to do homework at a reliable service and resist the strong urge to getting assistance from parents. Ensure you take all the initiative and then assume all the responsibility.


The success in effectively doing homework lies with having a superb strategy. Ensure that you understand the type of homework you get assigned by your instructor then adopt the highlighted homework strategy suggestions accordingly. You will get surprised by thorough and fast you will be able to complete your assignment and command those excellent grades you crave. So get going and good luck in tackling your homework.