Join us for a 10-week Online Master Class:
Designing Wisdom Economies
A Whole-Person & Whole Systems Approach to Value Creation
September 27th – December 20th, 2016

Re-imagining Capital

Over the last decade there has been an increasing awareness from many sectors of society that we need to re-imagine the notion of capital. It isn’t enough anymore to just measure impact or even have more impact. Rather you want to make sure you are having more of the right kinds of impact.  The MetaCapital Framework will enable you to understand Impact in your own life as well as create thriving organizations, communities and societies by extending the notion of capital, impact and bottom lines and grounding the tools, metrics and platforms you need to create Wisdom Economies!

Designing Wisdom Economies

Join us for a 10-week online Master Class where we will explore current trends in the New Economy and how to design wisdom economies (i.e., whole-person/whole-system economies) using the MetaCapital Framework. This Framework provides an integrated model of the relationship between four types of impact, ten types of capital and their measurement, and a quadruple bottom line of People, Profit, Planet, and Purpose. One of the distinguishing features of this Framework is how it integrates all of these elements into a very intuitive and easily applied approach.


What will I learn?

This Master Class is for you if you want to …

Understand the concept of multiple forms of capital and metrics associated with each.
Treasure what you measure, so measure what you treasure.
Understand the critical relationships in between behaviors, systems, relationships and mindsets.
Understand the relationship in between Impact, quadruple bottom lines and types of capital.
Learn about how currencies can be applied to make visible, enable and shape value.
Identify what types of capital can be generated in your projects and life.
Learn to distinguish tangible and intangible value and how to make the intangible visible.
Learn how to achieve the four types of Impact: Clear, High, Deep and Wide.
Learn about multidimensional accounting and how it can leverage your organization.
Learn how the Metacapital framework can be used to activate Wisdom.

Who will I learn with?

In this Master Class you will be learning along side like-minded individuals who are keen to explore the interconnections between types of impact, forms of capital, and multiple bottom-lines. This include individuals such as:


Integral Practitioners


Social Entrepreneurs


Conscious Capitalists


Alternative Currency Advocates


Mixed Methods Researchers


Visionary Business Designers


Movement Builders


New Economy Folks


Impact Investors


GNH Enthusiasts


Holistic Educators


Transdisciplinary Practitioners


Triple Bottom Line Aficionados


Change Makers


Sustainability Practitioners


Non-Profit Leaders


Marketeers/Brand Managers


Integrative Thinkers


HR Directors


Organizational Consultants

How Will I learn?

Learning is a unique journey. Our intention is to enable the spaces and resources for people to learn as much as they want. You can choose to just get familiar with the topics, or take a deep dive and implement the model for your own projects and goals. Your choice. Our learning environment includes:

Participate in 2 hours weekly interactive sessions where we will cover the ‘MetaCapital Framework’ and have fun playing live together.
Relate with the community and the facilitators through our online slack community space. Bring your projects and expect some magic!
Play with leading edge platforms to ground and apply the concepts.
Access and co-create our curation of resources (videos, papers, podcasts, case studies, quotes).
Participants will be sent a guide with all technical details and support.




Sean is a global leader in the application of integrative thinking to leader development and organizational design. In 2011 he founded MetaIntegral a social enterprise network that supports the embodied application of integral principles by change leaders around the world. Sean’s passion lies at the intersection of design, integral theory, and embodiment. He has published and edited numerous articles, chapters, and books. His most recent book is Metatheory for the Twenty-first Century.



Ferananda pioneers the field of Collective Intelligence and New Paradigm Economics. She has implemented complementary currencies and currently focuses on Deep Wealth Design for communities and organizations. She has lived in the Gift Economy since 2009. She co-founded VillageLab, an organization focused on Regenerative Whole Systems Design and The Metacurrency Project which is developing tools and platforms for open sourcing the next economy.


Dates and Times

Week 1     September 27th     1:00 pm – 3:00 pm            Introduction & Psychological Capital

Week 2     October 4th            1:00 pm – 3:00 pm            Currency Design & Knowledge Capital

Week 3     October 11th          1:00 pm – 3:00 pm            Purpose & Spiritual Capital

Week 4     October 18th          1:00 pm – 3:00 pm            Productivity & Health Capital

Week 5     November 8th        1:00 pm – 3:00 pm            Leadership & Human Capital

Week 6     November 15th      1:00 pm – 3:00 pm           Organizational Design & Manufactured Capital

Week 7     November 22nd     1:00 pm – 3:00 pm            The New Economy Zeitgeist & Financial Capital

Week 8     December 6th        1:00 pm – 3:00 pm            Whole Systems & Natural Capital

Week 9     December 13th      1:00 pm – 3:00 pm            Branding & Social Capital

Week 10   December 20th      1:00 pm – 3:00 pm            Gross National Happiness & Cultural Capital
* Note: All times are in Pacific and calls will be recorded and made available to participants. Also, the topics of each week might change a bit as we follow the energy and momentum of the course. Nevertheless, the above overview provides an accurate sense of the kinds of topics we will be exploring.


10 Capital Investments

Using MetaCapital Framework:  Why not walk the talk together, and play some percentage old money and another percentage with another form of capital?  This might look more complex, but doesn’t anything new look more complex? Isn’t it what you came for anyway? Besides we want to begin using the MetaCapital Framework right from the start of this class!

So here is the deal.  We have two main options:

Option 1 = Full Price: $375.00 USD
Option 2 = $195.00 USD + $180.00 USD equivalent with some other form(s) of capital (see examples).

You can gift us with the full amount in conventional money. That is a financial capital of $375 or you can gift us $195.

If you decide to gift us the $180 with another form of capital then we will start by trusting that we will find a service, a product or any other form of value through relationship. We have some ideas to spark creativity and I am sure we will find a place where we all feel great!

Evaluate:  At the end of the Master Class we together evaluate. You rate yourself, each other, the facilitators, with a number of rating currencies we will provide, like expertise currency, easiness of participation, experience (from ‘poor’ to ‘outstanding’, with everything in between). All part of the feedback to see the Impact that was created a help us improve. Through our journey together there will be opportunities to explore our reciprocity.

Proposal:  If option 2 is appealing to you please use the contact page to share why you are choosing this option and perhaps some first ideas on what forms of capital you would want to explore for our trade. Ideally your proposal will leverage some form of capital you already have. For example if you have a big social media presence you can leverage that, if you are an academic researcher you can leverage that. See below for some examples to inspire your thinking.

Examples Include:

●  Write 4 blogs during the course (social capital)
●  Share X number of well crafted posts through your social media channels (social capital)
●  Research, content creation, or curation on some of the capitals (knowledge capital)
●  Give 10 hours of website development (knowledge capital)
●  Offer a massage or spa certificate (health capital)

●  Host a MetaCapital workshop for us (financial capital)
●  Gift equipment (e.g., a LCD projector) (manufactured capital)
●  Offer tickets to a cultural event (cultural capital)
●  Transfer air miles (cultural capital)
●  Train the facilitators in some domain of interest to them (human capital)


If you prefer full gift economy share your project with us, why you need this knowledge and what is the value you are creating. We have 2 available scholarships. So contact us and we can explore forms of reciprocity informed by the MetaCapital Framework.

Pricing Options

Option 1

Full Price
  • You can gift us with the full amount $375.00 USD. Check out now with PayPal.                                                                                              .
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Pay Now

Option 2

$195.00 + $180.00 Investment
  • Or you can gift us with $195.00 USD + the equivalent of $180.00 USD in some other form(s) of capital (see examples above).
  • Provide a proposal for your service or other capital in the contact form below.

Online Master Class Options

Contact Us

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*Note: Use the contact form to submit your proposal for $180.00 USD equivalent form of capital and we will contact you back.